Tribute to a hero

Captain Tom Moore is an incredible human being indeed who started out in a mill town in West Yorkshire called Keighley which happens to be where I have spent a large part of my life raising my family and it is strange to recall that Captain Tom Moore was in the Yorkshire regiment along with many others ensuring that we all have freedom that we enjoy even today and all achieved long before I was even born and I am now many years into my own retirement having also proudly served in her majesties armed forces with the R.A.O.C and now a member of The Blind Veterans Association since I became blind some years ago.

I listen to the news about Captain Tom Moore in ore of this amazing gentleman showing his strength and resolve in his 100th year moving along with the aid of his Zimmer frame lap after lap and day after day and telling us all that tomorrow is always a better day and I know that he fought all of those years ago to give us all of our tomorrows.

This awesome gentleman makes me feel proud to be British and also part of our great British armed forces showing us all that we are never alone in our hour of need, Not only this he has brought out the British fighting spirit all across our great nation showing that when it really counts we are all together as one nation fighting a common cause showing the great British spirit.

Our NHS staff are now at war with the epidemic and I would love anyone reading this page to show your appreciation of all of our NHS staff and send them your love and caring by clicking here and enter your post code and message to all of them as we are trying to send at least one million hearts.