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Traffic Logistics News

31/08/2019 Launch date pending?
not currently prepared for full launch

Hi to everyone!!

I am currently working on crossing the t's and dotting the i's so to speak because I want this site to be as prepared as it can be prior to full launch to the general public and although it is visible in places I have not yet committed it to world wide networks.

I have yet to connect some of the back end elements that make items function as they should online this includes daily and global news items that should display up to date news from around the world which helps us in many ways like global interaction with news items attracting visitors that otherwise would not be at our website.

What does this mean to advertisers? 

Well you all need new visitors looking at your advertising on a daily basis so it follows that we encourage visitors from all walks of life for all sorts of reasons and this is just one way of placing visitors on your advertising and I use video and Google mapping in much the same way.

Video and Google mapping.

I have installed an automatic video import meaning that when I set categories like music and films it reads associated categories in Youtube and imports associated video automatically giving another reason to come to our website and look over your advertising at the same time.

So to Google mapping if you place the exact address of the business that you are advertising it will show a map with your ad telling visitors where your business is located in the world and again this attracts visitors.

I want to automate as much as possible accross the site to ensure all elements are working for you 24/7 bringing in new visitors all of the time.

I will update this news section when I have fixed a launch date.