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Realistic DX-200 Shortwave Receiver SWL AM Broadcast Listening The antenna trim being out of adjustment is what was causing the carrier shown in the video. Figured that out after making the video.
Listening to Hams on the Realistic Dx-160 I was listening to this ham broadcasting in AM mode on 3.700 on the 80 meter band.I confirmed the frequency using my PRN-1000. This video is dedicated to ...
SWL DXpedition #3 Shortwave Radio Logging some good DX I set up a nice SWL post at a vacation cottage with a 100 metre antenna (check out the video on the antenna). I logged over 300 reports in a couple of days.
DX-160 Shortwave Radio Listening, Circa 1975 build The Realistic DX160! A shortwave receiver from the mid 1970's that covers 150Khz to 30Mhz in 5 Bands. Despite what some reviews have said about it, I was ...
Shortwave radio listening tips august 2014 My personal tips to make Shortwave radio interesting.
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