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SWL DXpedition #3 Shortwave Radio Logging some good DX I set up a nice SWL post at a vacation cottage with a 100 metre antenna (check out the video on the antenna). I logged over 300 reports in a couple of days.
DX-160 Shortwave Radio Listening, Circa 1975 build The Realistic DX160! A shortwave receiver from the mid 1970's that covers 150Khz to 30Mhz in 5 Bands. Despite what some reviews have said about it, I was ...
Shortwave radio listening tips august 2014 My personal tips to make Shortwave radio interesting.
Shortwave listening DX in the countryside This video shows my shack that I use for DXing in the Short Wave band in the countryside free of RF interference. Receiver: Tecsun PL-310ET Verify stations ...
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