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On this day being Sunday 29th March 2020, which is the first day of British summer time I reflect on our families, our friends, all associated all around the world knowing that every living soul on planet earth is touched in one way or another by a viral pandemic and I say a prayer for all of us that are still here and also for those already taken by the virus.

We now live in a world of total uncertainty at many levels and we must seriously think about our neighbours, families and friends and work together to get us all through this period knowing that there are many thousands of us that will be leaving this world before it levels out and I feel the pain and anxiety of millions of people sat worrying about what is going to happen and I hear as we all do on the TV, radio, social media and more which is causing more anxiety to many millions of people.

To all reading this please know I have complete faith in human nature and resourcefulness and know we will get past of all of this in time by following rigidly the rules and guide lines and staying as safe as possible, Please be calm and collected and do not let the constant news media give you more anxiety because after all it is only keeping you updated and therefore safe in your home leaving you armed with knowledge and ways to stay safe in your individual environment.

We have seen this happen on our planet many times in history at a time when news and updates travelled very slowly and therefore much more damaging and devastating to everyone.

In 1908 experts realised that rat fleas spread plague. In 1347 news reached England of a horrifying and incurable disease that was spreading from Asia through North Africa and Europe. The Black Death struck London in the autumn of 1348. And it spread vigorously through communities killing our population day after day, by the time news of this reached each community it was already too late so you see now our news updates are instant and we are armed with better and faster knowledge.

If you touch anything away from your home make sure to wash your hands with good old fashioned soap and water , keep at least six feet away from anyone not of your house hold, only go out if it is extremely essential, and make sure to exercise daily even if it is just doing a little arm and leg stretching and sit up etc.

Please know this I am just an old man that is blind without all the skills that most of you have out there so take care of yourselves and each other remembering to have the same love and caring for your neighbours and you will still be able to go out to enjoy life once again before you know it.

My final note or rambling “depending on how you see it” I would like everyone reading this to have a quiet moment of reflection and say a prayer to everyone so far taken by this current virus and also their families and I leave a candle burning in remembrance of those people.

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