About NJP Business

Welcome to our about us page created by Nigel J Pearcey the website owner and global entrepreneur working from a small village in the United Kingdom after retiring from day-to-day off-line work in 2013 realizing that working online only was the only really reliable way to operate a business.

Working in and traveling to an office or other place of work was never really a good option for me because I am blind and negotiating a passage to work became very difficult and owning a building for business and paying staff plus rates and business rates on the high street was getting too expensive especially since a lot of people were turning to online for shopping making it even more difficult to sell sufficient to cover the overheads of an offline business.

Even online business trading with a store meets very steep competition so I decided that promotion of other online business was the right route to take in this ever increasing jungle online. I formed a business name of NJP Business with many different arms to my business and prefer to stay on the perimeter of a full blown business because I found promoting for other companies very lucrative therefore no need to escalate my business costs and also realized that many thousands of people are jumping onto any idea out here and losing money in an attempt to make an income so it made sense to me to build a credible reputation of working with companies that are genuine and reliable in the industry of marketing and promotion.

By having built a really honest and credible reputation for promoting and working with real online business I found that my income continues increasing month to month and the question I am often asked is why do I not build a program for others to join and learn to further build my income?.

well the simple answer is that I simply do not need to give myself more work and I do not want to be concerned about protecting more data in this world of scammers and hackers because after all if you follow my business plans to work with me then your data is stored within my promotional business’s databases safe and secure anyway.

I do however own a standalone social platform that you can join for free if you simply want to link to me and stay in touch and you can do so by going to any of the network links I have placed on my websites so please feel free to join as it is free and always will be just like Facebook with slight differences.

I also have a personal site to all that I promote and earn with that you can see by going to https://www.nigelpearcey.com/nigel  and be assured that everything there is just as ethical, legal, and viable work at home material that is 100% confirmed income provider for anyone wanting to work from home or office.

Overall my associates and I are providers of work at home material that is honest, ethical, legal, and conforms to standards set out in world business reports allowing ordinary average people to use to work from home or office in any part of the world subject to laws and obligations that may apply in your own specific local area.

in your particular part of the world remember that you are responsible for your own tax returns and registration following laws set out in your vicinity or location.

All applicable forms are provided for you when you set up your method of getting paid depending upon where you reside to ensure that you are following the correct procedure for your area.

Our main role here is to ensure that every item we promote is useable and functions in the way we expect and if at any time we find errors or programs not delivering work or commissions correctly it will be dropped from our repertoire if after thorough investigation it does not meet our standards.

Finally, we hope that by following our promotions you will enjoy great success and we can then enjoy working with you for long into the future thus increasing our credibility worldwide which in turn helps to build your business because everyone that links to and signs up into our promotions is added into a 2×2 matrix below you which helps to increase your residual income as well as our base commissions.

So, you see together we create HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS over a very wide and varied spectrum which works great for everyone whether you want to work full or part time the choice is entirely yours but you have to remember this is a business and not a job and I talk more about this scenario in other learning pages within this website.

Who we are?

We are NJP Business owned by Nigel J Pearcey and our base website is www.njpbusiness.com based in West Haddon, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. We have been in business both on and offline for over 40 years within various industries from engineering to retail sales and online marketing and promotions.

We now concentrate solely on our marketing and promotions leading thousands of people worldwide to work from home or office.

We are renowned for honest and ethical business interactions.

We are stand-alone with no shareholders or financial commitments against the business.

We give honest appraisals of every business we promote and we ONLY promote anything that meets our standards built up by many years of experience of knowing what works for the masses and also what does not work in general, Of course, there are always exceptions to the general rule but we always tend to err on the cautious side when looking into new business idea’s and plans so when we do find a new and interesting venture we would spend many months testing it and trialing it before it would be entered into our portfolio.

A bit of history for you

Many years ago I put together an initial website selling ornamental products and suffered many problems with the lack of software technology that did not exist back then, but not only that I also found the website hosting company lacked vastly in understanding the needs of business owners at the time, So I spent two years testing out different hosting providers and found that the best providers were far too expensive and had too many hurdles to get over to run a viable business online, Eventually I found one that provided top quality servers and support all at a very cost-effective rate, More importantly, they provide 24/7 support with a team of people who know and care about customers’ needs and requirements giving the best uptime record of any other hosting company.

So our hosting company delivers all of our websites across the world 24/7 and is the most cost-efficient website hosting company found anywhere in the world with 24/7 support, please click on the link below to see more about it. Host then Profit