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The 5MinuteGuide to Being a Great Leader


Written and composed by:

Nigel J Pearcey

(owner NJP Business ltd https://www.downloadmountain.com )


This is written to help you define the elements of great leadership within yourself!!

There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than to feel that you are contributing to the realization of great things. You feel pleasure, esteem, and a feeling of personal and pride.

The leader does things without expecting anything in return. One of the most significant benefits of being a leader is the satisfaction of contributing to the greater good. That would mean working to

ward a cause you believe in and aligned with your values and beliefs.

The 5 Characteristics That Distinguish What is defined as a leader is often confused with the charismatic individual or great orator? Any good leader will demonstrate excellent communication skills. But true leaders aren’t just great

speakers. Here are five characteristics that they have:

  1. They project themselves and inspire others because they know where they want to go and engage everyone to get there together;
  2. They provide safety and create the conditions for collaborative work. They develop trust in others and build group spirit and teamwork;
  3. They seek to make the best possible decisions. To do so, they empower the people they work with;
  4. They inspire confidence. When it comes time to go, they are followed without hesitation;
  5. They put the interests of others before their interests.

Have you always wanted to be a leader? Do you sometimes feel like leadership requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and experience? It does not have to be that way. Here are three signs that you have what it takes to be a strong leader, no matter your background.

You Only Lead Others When You Need to

We’ve all met people who are trying to run everything. Whether it’s a strategic brainstorming session, the choice of football teams, or a family outing, they can’t help but seize the leadership position and control everything.

Often stubborn, impatient, and sometimes abrupt, these people see themselves as leaders from an early age. However, true leaders must be able to be a follower at first. There is also the aspect of delegating to move forward. We agree that one person cannot control everything. Real leaders tend to work the other way around: they analyse each situation and the role they should play. They do not consider that they must have control over everything.

You Always Observe Before You Act

Many believe that leadership is associated with the word “action” and being the best in all areas. A leader does not have to be the strongest, fastest, and most resilient person in the group. An action is only a secondary tool since he has other capacities such as the capacity to see further than others, to find answers, solutions,

to identify problems, opportunities, threats, risks. It is this analytical capacity that is their strength and not only their ability to act.

Not only are they able to analyse the external world, but they are also very selfaware. Selfawareness allows leaders to observe their emotions without reacting. That is why great leaders remain calm amid chaos.

You Change People’s Lives to Make Them

The true leader is not obsessed with shortterm results. What matters to him or her is the cohesion of the group. Another important aspect is the fact that everyone expresses their potential to the best of their ability. He will look further with all the members of his group so that they can grow and become better. He is aware that he cannot succeed alone and that his team is his best ally to succeed.

The 7 Values That Help Develop the Mental Strength of Leaders

We act and react according to what is important to us. Our filters of values and beliefs dictate our behaviour and our choices. The value system is built over time under the influence of our environment, our experiences, and our decisionmaking.

What’s striking about leaders is to see how well they’ve been able to develop mental strength. Below are the seven core values of ten found in leaders and top athletes.

Value 1: Passion

It’s easier to be a good leader when you love what you do. When work rhymes with passion, you can give the best of yourself. Enthusiasm is very contagious, and you will soon notice that people around you are also passionate about the work.

Value 2: Discipline

It’s a cold and slow motivation with no sparkle. It complements passion when this one gets a little dull. It brings constancy and rigor to passion.

Value 3: Will

Will is the ability to define and determine precisely what you want and then to focus on it. To be a good leader, you need to be able to avoid distractions at all costs and stay focused on the goal.

Leaders avoid losing energy and time on things that are not aligned with what you want to achieve.

Value 4: Respect

It is fundamental, in leadership, to respect others, but also your self. It’s about recognizing others for whom they truly are, showing that we care.

Value 5: Humility

Achieving a result is sometimes a small matter. Sometimes, wanting to achieve perfection is naïve. As a leader, it is better to accept the imperfections that you have. It is compatible with ambition. The difference between purpose and pretension is precisely humility.

Value 6: Selfcontrol

Our images dictate our behaviour, an outcome of our values and beliefs.

The only thing we can control is how we’re going to react to events.

Real mental strength consists in staying calm, serene, and confident after a mistake, a defeat, or during a frustrating moment.

Value 7: Intelligence.

Not only is knowledge of a field essential as a leader, but emotional intelligence is what will make you a great leader. A leader with high emotional intelligence will be more likely to engage, and enable his team to perform.

As a future leader, you will also have to work on your limiting beliefs.

The 7 Beliefs on Which to Work to Develop a Mind of a Leader

What is a belief? It is small phrases that we say to ourselves about ourselves, about specific situations, and our ability to con front them.

Certain beliefs have a positive impact on our lives, and some are negative and limiting our growth. The secret is to transform our negative beliefs into positive beliefs by associating new thoughts with them. Our beliefs guide our behaviours, our choices, and, therefore, our results.

Belief 1: We Become What We Believe We Are.

Take a strong look in the mirror and tell me who you see. The thoughts that you have about yourself will become your truth. As a leader, you want to take the time to do some selfreflection and make sure that you are turning every single stone to see if you can tame your shadows. The shadow is that aspect of you that you haven’t fully brought to light and dealt with. It could be your traumas, the hate your nurture about yourself, or even a dark secret.

Belief 2: He Who Persist Will Succeed

This belief refers to an indispensable quality as a leader, and that is adaptability. It means seeing the opportunities in any situation, even when facing constraints or failure. A leader can find any advantage in a situation that could be perceived as unfavourable by others. That consistency in positivity lead leaders to always find success, even if it’s after numerous failures. They know that difficulty can become an exciting challenge from which they will emerge as a grownup. Any problem is an opportunity to act, learn, and progress.

Belief 3: Behind the Impossible, There Is the Possible

As long as there’s hope, however slim it may be, you got to believe it’s possible. As long as something is perceived as possible, the leader will focus on that and try to make it happen. If the initial objective of the group can no longer be achieved, then change the objective to be more applicable to the new situation. This doesn’t mean that you failed; it means that you are flexible, have learned from the mistake, and are moving on to something better.

Leaders understand that it is often the impatience that makes us lose, give up, give up, or get discouraged.

Belief 4: Don’t Give Up Until It’s Done

If the original objective cannot be achieved, look beyond the goal. It will always remain an opportunity to learn. This allows the leader to always aim for excellence and most leaders when they know something can’t be accomplished; they are already preparing for the next goal

Belief 5: There Is No Such Thing as a Failure

Failures are opportunities to progress. The weight of each word contains a load that resonates positively or emotionally, and failure is a word that resonates negatively. It is associated with faults and guilt because that’s how most of us were raised. Meanwhile, we all have a right to make mistakes since nobody is perfect. The important thing is to learn lessons for the next step and define what needs to be changed. It’s a fundamental mindset for leaders.

Belief 6: The Quest for Excellence Is More Important Than a Simple Performance

Outcomes and results are essential for leaders, but they fully understand that how you get to that result is as important, if not more. When you are with a leader who understands that love and passion are critical to inspiring others, the process of reaching success will be more joyful. Excellence doesn’t have to be hard and rigid; it can also be achieved through pleasure and fun.

Take the time to evaluate your beliefs and what aspects limit you in your life.

3 Things That Will Make You Stand Out as a leader:

Leadership is about inspiring, stimulating, and influencing others to have a more satisfying life through whom we are, what we say, and what we do. Here are the three aspects that will make you stand out as a leader.

Learn to Express Love

You cannot influence others if they don’t relate to you or if they don’t like you. It is the number one rule of relationship building. We are not talking about romantic love here; we are talking about the love of your work, love of helping others, and love of who you are.

To be a leader to others, you have to create a connection with them. You have to show them that you care about who they are.

That means you have to be vulnerable and show that you trust them. If people feel safe with you, and this feeling cannot be im proved, it has to be genuine, and it has to come from the bottom of your heart.

Expressing love means showing people that you are not the leader, but that you are like them, and that your greatest wish is that they succeed in life. To express love is to be available for people when they need you.

Be Excellence

You cannot influence people if you are mediocre in what you do.

You cannot inspire people in an area in which they excel more than you do; you cannot bring people where you have not been.

To be excellent is to do things to the point where people say to themselves, “This man or woman is great, I want to be like him or her. It means that you can become the best version of yourself in what you do.”

Support Excellence

Make people look good. You do not influence people if they know you can’t help them grow and be. If you are not a mentor to them, they will not see you as a leader.

So now you can define yourself and we ALL have great potential and to prove it you can become a leader within my team and help others to achieve greatness by clicking here and join me now.


Remember this: there is no such word as “failure” there is just your inability to define, regroup and move onwards to better things.

Nigel J Pearcey

I will guide your success

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