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Hello and thank you for visiting my website, It is a fair guess that you have arrived here either looking to make money online or want to improve your health and in either case I can confirm you are in the right place so please read on and listen and digest what I have to tell you about working online for a proper company with real product and getting real commissions.

Most people trying to create a decent income online tend to jump into anything that looks easy and able to forfill their dreams of owning a fortune quickly and easily which is in fact making a lot of people very rich indeed but only the ones that are writing the websites telling you that you are going to get rich with their idea’s but in point of fact you will be very lucky indeed if you make one red cent out of it and they do not care about you and your finances because they just want your little bit of input which could be 5 or 10 or 20 dollars or more because obviously they then get paid instantly and if they con 10000 people they instantly get $100000 or mor and you still made nothing which is something I have seen happening year after year so if something looks too good to be true it usually is.

The bottom line here is that you have to realise that no person in there right mind is going to give you anything and you have to change your mind set on how you are going to achieve your goals in life and create a dedicated plan of attack and stick to it no matter what distractions may confront you, And be aware those distractions will come thick and fast online with people trying to draw you into spending your hard earned income on the next best thing to arrive online.

You must have seen this yourself and maybe been tempted into something but hopefully you managed to stay away from it and look for the right business idea like the business plans that I use and promote all year around to an ever increasing audience.

Your online neiche
Working online is not all doom and gloom in fact it really is fun and interesting as well as lucrative but you have to find your correct neiche out here and then you are fine to continue making the sort of income you desire but take everything one step at a time and ensure that you fully understand everything about what you are getting into.

I have been doing this for over 30 years but still pay great attention to what a program or business venture really entails because the devil is always in the small print and if you overlook certain area’s you can leave yourself vulnerable to losing a lot of money just because you did not read all the fine detail or rules of engagement which can leave you open to abuse financially.

As a rule of thumb do not join any program or plan that does not sell tangible products or services, What I mean by this is when you see things like signup and make thousands of dollars per month just for referring others is a complete scam!!, WHY? Well if they are not paying a commission for selling a product or service then you need to ask yourself where does the money come from?, Well if it is not selling anything then you are just getting others to pay money in simply to pay you and that is illegal and a pyramid or ponzi scheme. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ON WIKIPEDEA

At the very best you might make a little money for a short while and at worst you will lose money and thousands of hours online trying to promote it whilst all the time losing your credibility and without that you are doomed right?

Working from home or office with a proper business with real commissions gliding into your bank account is the right way to build your wealth and credibility and in turn when you have good credibility your income snow balls into real action and wealth.

Ok I have told you a lot so far and just to make you aware I get paid for every link in this website because I know beyond any shaddow of doubt that the company I promote for is legal, ethical and trust worthy so if you want to find out a little more of what I do then feel free to click on the banner below or you can also look at my portfolio on this website.

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