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NJ Pearcey, author and founder of NJP Business Ltd

NJP Business Ltd

About NJP Business Ltd

Building an online network was never going to be easy but in my case it seemed daunting to say the very least because I am totally blind and I had to call upon a lot of very expensive software just to begin writing any of the sites.

I literally became blind over night, quite simply I came home from work late one evening, got a shower and went to bed, when I awoke the next morning my eye sight was gone?, as you can imagine this was devastating to say the least, and to add to this I went through many weeks of tests and operations on my eyes but all to no avail and finally told that nothing more could be done.

To cut a very long story short I went back to school to learn how to live and work as a blind person and taught myself how to create a business online to enable me to earn an income no matter how modest it would be, the main drive is to keep busy and be able to support myself financially in some small way and that is how NJP Business Ltd began it’s life and hopefully it will continue to grow in popularity as I build the network with the help of people like yourself visiting my websites.

Whilst I suppose my main drive is to sell products on my Home and Garden shopping site I also try to create other outlets for advertising and traffic via other methods like creating an advertising search engine which can be very useful for other visitors to find many things that they are looking for and also for those who want to create their own pages for others to see for reasons of selling their own products or maybe they just want to raise awareness of their favourite charity or event that they may be creating.

Either you are here on this page out of curiosity or maybe you are looking for home and garden products or maybe you are looking for ways to increase your popularity online which is something I also try to offer within my networks and all I ask is that you bear in mind not to use any offensive language in any shape or form, other than that you can pretty much use my networks in any way that you find advantageous for yourself or partners.

About Network Elements

My Network Elements are listed in no specific order in the site navigation which are set to open a new window to enable you to view each section without losing contact with the main page which basically means when you click on any link in the navigation it will open a separate window for you to use to view the page.

  • Home and Garden shopping: is exactly as it says it is a range of products related to home and garden including toys, ornaments, Jewellery and fashion in and around the home.
  • Tree Top Traffic: this is a traffic site that allows you to place banners on your own website and exchange traffic with others or earn cash for sharing traffic with your website.
  • About 2wowu Hub: This site is all about my 2wowu systems and my business networks aimed at home and garden shopping online and relative links.
  • Social Network: This is a social network just like Facebook and works in pretty much the same way except that I hope to be adding different elements to member accounts for advertising and connections depending upon what becomes most popular.
  • Advertising Search Engine: This is a complete site for members to join and create accounts with the ability to create video, blogs, links, pages, text or html advertising in any category of your choice.
  • Advertising Manager: This site is dual purpose and is for advertisers and publishers alike and you can use either or both to place your advertising and cover the cost of advertising by placing reciprocal advertising on your own sites.

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    --Home--/--Supporters--/--Shopping--/--2wowu Hub--/--Members--/--Page Swirl--/--Adland Pro--/--Media Programmer--/--Search Engine--/--Traffic--/--Advertising Manager--/--Facebook Page--/